Fast Growing Trees

A quick check on the ring count of a tree that Mike fell on the top of the hill gives a person information about the age of the tree, years when unusual growth show damage from storms or drought, and the overall nutrient level of the soil.

A felled tree showing the ring count on the stump.The ring count on this tree shows that it is about 40 years old, the same amount of time that we have owned this farm.

Some of the rings show over a half inch of growth per year and closer to one inch growth, that is fast growing for a White / Grand Fir. The diameter of the base was 33 inches and was about 110 feet tall with 80 feet merchantable.

This tree had to be harvested at this time because all the trees around him had wind damage from the severe winter and in order to replant fir trees to fill in the area we needed to be able to have more sunlight into the opening. Fir trees need lots of space and light in order to be able to grow tall and strong.



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