How’s Your Fog Hanging?

It’s August 1st and the month of fog watching has begun!

In old Farmer’s Almanacs it was written that the amount of foggy days in August will be a signal for how many days of snowy weather that there will be during the winter.

Last August I watched the fog and since I have a small valley here, there would be mornings where I had fog on the east side of the house without any on the west side. My accounting was not very good, I was unclear if I should count fog that lasted for an hour after sunrise or fog that lasted til 10am. One thing for sure, I noticed more fog than a typical August and that this winter had more snowy weather than typical.

The experimentalist in me is curious if it was a fluke or if the Old Farmer’s Almanac really had something. So I am back at it again and if any of you would like to follow along I would love to hear how your winter forecast looks.


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