Mud Swallows 2.0

The spring was busy with mud swallow activity. When they were all a’twitter and thinking about dabbing mud around under the eaves of the house we washed off the beginnings of nest building with a strong solution of Lysol and that convinced them that the barns and shop areas were a better home location.

The batches of babies have hatched and moved on, but a mating couple has moved into the nest in the shop to start round two of raising chicks. They had been quiet about their impending newborns and I didn’t know anything was happening above.

Mud swallows in nest.I found out that they were there when going to get the Gator one morning and realized that they decorated the front end of the vehicle with dropped poop.

The nest had a new layer of fresh mud added to the structure for their remodeling project.

Mud swallows in nest.At least two adults and two chicks occupy the nest.

The swallows help control the bugs around here and we welcome their help on the farm.



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