Busy In The Barn

Momma Cat, Grandma Cat and Crazy Uncle Boaz have all been taking care of the 6 kittens that were born this spring. They take turns babysitting the rambunctious young-uns and make forays away from the barn on occasion.

A couple of weeks ago Grandma Cat had taken the 6 out on a hunting expedition well past the pasture fence and the bunch were gone for a couple days. When Grandma returned she only had for kittens with her. The 2 have never showed back up. It was an expensive lesson for the little ones, hopefully the remaining youngsters learned the hard lesson about dangers.

Momma, Grandma and Boaz are still taking the 4 out on excursions, but seem to be more watchful now. Crazy Uncle Boaz loves to show off the kittens when he brings them into the yard and garden to play hide and seek. He is showing them how to climb the maple, apple and plum trees.

When I am doing the chores, the favorite game for the kittens is playing with the orange baling twine after I break a bale for the cows dinner. Kittens playing with string on hay bales.

Pulling the strings around on the cement floor can keep the 4 busy for a long time. It’s hard to get a picture of them together because of all the leaping, scooting, sliding and pouncing going on.

Tails are jumped on as much as the twine during the free-for-all, no-hold-barred main event of the day.


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