Early Sign Of Fall

Since the Gator was in the shop, my right hand helper and I headed up the hill on foot to work along the skid road that Mike had punched through with the bulldozer.

A few early season chanterelle mushrooms.Not needing to travel the logging roads, we took a walking path meandering through the forest with switchback paths and steep inclines. About half-way up the hill we intersected with one of the naturally growing wild mushroom patches and I found a few golden lovelies barely poking out of the carpet of fallen fir needles.

It was quite the surprise to find them because it usually takes a good inch or more of rain and 10 days of that soaking rain to sink into the mycelium layer below the surface for the mushrooms to grow.

I was thrilled to find these few chanterelles and harvested them for a sauce at dinner that night. Now with several days of rain forecasted for the area, the 10 day countdown will begin in earnest.


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