Controller Repair

With the abrupt change from summer to fall, we found the need to start up the wood fired boiler after turning it off four months ago.

The firebox was cleaned out along with the chimney and the ash trap under the firebox, but when it came time to return power to the unit the control box was dead. Now we had been having issues nearing the time when we turned the boiler off in June, but we were hoping that a vacation from work would put the unit in a better mood. It did not.

A new unit was ordered and one of my brother’s scheduled a time to come up and wire the control box to the boiler. Easy-peasy. It was a small box, not that many wires with a fairly simple design. Shouldn’t take more than an hour or two to fix.

Before removing the old unit, a quick picture was taken for reference installing the new one. This proved to be very helpful.

Wiring inside a controller for the wood fired boiler.The new control was installed between downpours and breezy winds. It only took about 7 hours total.

My advice to anyone thinking about a repair that is more complex than screwing in a light-bulb, take a picture before you start your project. It worked for me.


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