Fence Fixing 101

Step 1- Find a fence that needs repair. Here on the farm it is hard to find a fence that doesn’t need repair or replacement so this is the easy task to do.

Two men roll out barb wire along a pasture fence. Step 2- Roll out a length of new barb wire. The 80 lb. roll of pokey wire is held between two people that has a five foot heavy steel bar slid through the middle like a shaft  so the roll can unfurl as they walk. I was standing about at the half-way point of the fence and they had made it three-quarters of the way to the corner. The tricky part was where the sedge grass is growing. They had to step from clump to clump with their cumbersome load to avoid sinking knee deep in mud.

Step 3- Begin replacing the broken posts and splicing the broken strands working your way down the fence row. (This is usually where most people also start looking into hiring this job out)

A full day of work only got us part of the way done, another two days will have to be scheduled to complete this area of the fence near the back of the big field. A couple of us need a week or more for our arms to heal. Did I mention that barb wire is pokey? There was no major blood loss, but a lot of ripped gloves, sleeves and pant legs. Sometimes the skin underneath got in the way.

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