Why The Tomatoes Performed Well

I was out in the garden cleaning up some of the dead vegetation in preparation for winter. When I came to the row of tires that had the tomato plants that produced so many sweet pounds of delicious fruit, I found I had a hard time pulling the dead vines from the ground.

Tomatoes are one of those plants that like to have deep roots and will grow more if the dirt gets layered in around them during the growth spurt between putting them into the soil and when they begin to set fruit.

When I transplanted the tomatoes into the ground, I already had good root growth, but added dirt around the plants as they stretched up.

The tomatoes plants have all died back with the frosts but when I pulled on the old vines the roots did not want to leave the comfy buckets and tires that they were planted in. Most plants had to be snipped off or broken apart in order to release them from the soil.

roots from tomato plantsThe extra roots madeĀ  for a very good crop this year with lots of tomatoes to share with visitors, friends, neighbors and any delivery person that happened to stop at the farm between July and September.

It is hard to believe that it will soon be January again and I will start seeds that I saved from this harvest to begin the next year of garden goodness.

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