State Of The River

It was only a few weeks ago when I was posting pictures of the beautiful fall leaves and the quiet Nehalem River. After the week of rain we just experienced, most of the color has washed out of any of the remaining leaves and the river is running the full span of the bridge.

The river is running high after a full week of rain.I know the ocean-going salmon are there spawning because the bald eagles are keeping a close eye on the river. While the river is high like this, they can only sit in the tall fir trees and wait when they are not flying the route of the river.

As the water begins to recede and the muddiness of the water clears, the eagles will once again have a chance to snag the carcasses of the spawned-out salmon. The eggs will have already been fertilized and the eagles are happy to scoop up the dead salmon keeping the water clean and healthy.


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