Teaching And Learning

A cousin of mine had recently spent some time visiting along the Oregon Coast and ran into my go-to-mushroom-guy Park Ranger Dane Osis at Fort Stevens during a mushroom forage training class. The cousin wanted to learn more so gave us a call and asked to go hunting with us.

Man finds a chanterelle mushroom in the forest.Since we were going to have a newbie with us on the hike, we also invited a couple of experts who have hunted wild mushrooms across many states. With lots of clothes on and heavy hiking boots trying to weigh us down, we headed up hill.

It was exciting to get the chance to point out the environments that make the Chanterelle mushrooms so abundant in this area. The first mushroom that he found on his own was celebrated by the whole group.

Unknown white mushroom found in forest.Deeper into the woods we found several species that our experts harvested so that we try to get them positively identified once we were done with the hunt.

Bolete, hedgehog and hen of the woods were some of the other edibles that we had come across during our walk. This large white mushroom was a stumper and we were not able to come to a positive identification.

Loads of chanterelle mushrooms that were harvested.The outing was a great success with the newbie and the experts getting their buckets full of fresh wild mushrooms.

Now I have to find someone to clean the harvest.

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