Last Eight Greenies

The final eight calves for our 2017 calf crop have had their green weaning clips installed and are well on their way through the process.

Soon the eight will be moved to the show barn away from their mothers and the clips will be removed. While in the show barn they will be pampered with as much grain and hay that they want. The veterinarian will be by in the next week to give an official vet check to all the critters we have weaned throughout the fall and to give the required BANGS ( Brucellosis) shot for each of the heifers.

As a regimen required from the Oregon Department of Health:

Vaccination requirements. Brucellosis vaccination is required for all sexually intact female cattle 4 months of age and over. Calfhood vaccinations must occur between 4-12 months of age. Oregon does accept mature vaccinated cattle. A legible vaccination tattoo is required.

Brucellosis in a herd could render females to abort their calves instead of being able to deliver at full term. If we were to fore go the requirement, we would not be able to sell the animals as breeding stock and they would be slaughter only, hence the reason for getting the animals vaccinated before 12 months of age when they could start to reproduce.


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