Busy Days For The River Patrol

The bald eagles and smaller eagles also along with other scavengers like the buzzards and coyotes are busy with river patrol while salmon spawning season is in full swing. Slower running water in shallow pools become nests and breeding grounds for groups of the fish. Watching the water a person may only see the backs tipping out of the water as it looks like it is boiling with the 50 or more salmon in a nesting area laying eggs and dropping sperm.

A spawned salmon that had been pulled from river lays on the bank.At about 24 inches long, this salmon had been plucked from a group of fish in the shallows by one of the bald eagles and was laying along the water line near the bridge.

Judging from the color, this was a new arrival  showing some of the bright red tinge that they get when moving from the salt water ocean to the fresh water rivers. This salmon was still pretty beat up by the trek to the spawning ground and losing half of his face while being plucked out of the river by the eagle sealed the deal.

As the multitudes of fish spawn out, the colors will darken as will their ability to stay alive. Within a couple of days the fish will be black except for the areas where their flesh sloughs off in chunks. The mighty salmon fight to the end.

The river keepers pick up patrols and scour the rivers edge as the fish perish, the bounty will only last a few days.

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