Zion Enjoying The Frosty Grass

It’s hard to get a picture of Topanga and her new baby Zion together. Zion is a very busy youngster and with the two of them in the large hay field turned nursery, she has a lot acres to investigate. Zion only stops playing long enough to nurse for a bit before heading out to new adventures. Topanga is a wonderful mother and even though she is really busy grazing the day away, she doesn’t let Zion get out of her sight.

Black Angus mother cow and calf in large field.The temperature had dropped during the night to 20 degrees and the morning started with clear blue skies. The frosty grass still shivered in the shady spots and stayed that way in many places, never quite getting above freezing before the sun went down beyond the wooded hillside.

Zion hasn’t a care in the world as she scampers around the field.

About an hour after this picture was taken, the main herd had lined up on this side of the electric fence to watch the duo hang out in the coveted field. I couldn’t even get a picture of momma and baby while the gaggle of onlookers lined the fence and blocked the view because all it would of showed would have been beef backsides and I already posted one behind scene this month.

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