At Days End

The farm has slowed as we close in on the shortest days of the year. Many non-essential chores are on hold. Digging post holes in frozen ground is a good way to get exercise but not good to attempt fence building. The firewood stack is in no danger of running low. Fixing equipment with winter gloves on leads for more fumbling than fixing.

A sunset peeking through the trees that line the Nehalem River didn’t alight the sky with brilliance, but gave a pastel hue that spread far and wide across the valley.

The main herd had finished their dinner of hay served in the outside mangers and they moved along the hillside under the fir trees for the night. It seemed that the coyotes must have noticed the special moment for they were quiet as well.

This evening was dead calm and still cold with the temperature dropping below freezing before the sun tipped the edge of the horizon.






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