Way Out West Outpost

Living out in the country has many advantages that outweigh any convenience disadvantages my a country mile or more.

Last on the mail route, final stop for the school bus, up until 10 years ago we were the end house on the Vernonia prefix of 429; all other phone numbers were long distance and that included the next neighbor less than two miles away.  Our address gets mistaken for the wrong county even by the State when we try to renew our licenses.  We are usually nothing more than a forgotten spur that runs from Highway 26 to the County border that lays just beyond the corner of our property. Most of the time this is ideal and we are referred to by law enforcement as the ‘West Enders -where we take care of our own business.’ This motto was given to us by the seldom seen and even more seldom needed Sheriff and we wear it proudly.

Being in such a out of the way place leads for a wide variety of unexpected ‘visitors’ and it really helps to have a very large, rocked driveway to accommodate vehicles of every size. This week the county road crew pulled into the yard and requested an area to park their rigs instead of taking them back to the station each night.

Washington County tractor and pickup in driveway.Having a safe place to tuck in without the time needed to transport back and forth to home base is a win for the crew. The extra vehicle in the yard is parked out of the way and will not cause any issues with farm duties or visitors. The crew knows the vehicles are in a secure area and we get in on all the current county news as the crews come and go with equipment. I’d say it is a win-win-win.

So here is the scoop that I know. The continuing cold weather has led to slick spots that were shaded all day and remained frozen all week. This is where the road crew had been working so the supervisor called for de-icer applied to Timber Road.

It is VERY rare to get the anti-icing agent (a liquid mixture of magnesium chloride) applied this far away from the cities and towns, but this road crew crossed the Highway and de-iced our small stretch of county road at the same time. It freaked me out as well as a few of the neighbors. We were asking each other what weather-related apocalypse was expected that OUR road would get a spritzing of the solution. With the road crew showing up to park I found out that it was ordered but not exactly what was called for. No apocalypse but you are welcome for the spritz.

Now, many of you may not think that this is big news, but I had the scoop and that is the part that matters.

And now you know, if any one of you are out in the hinterlands and come across a large rocked driveway, be assured that you can park your vehicle for a while when needed. Remember to bring a little good gossip with you…


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