End Of Wild Mushrooms

I had the chance to walk up the hill with my little white bucket to see if the cold weather was actually enough to freeze the Chanterelle mushrooms that were so plentiful this year.

I saw many mushrooms but when I touched them  I found them to be nothing more than mush after getting frozen and thawed several days.

The mushroom hunting season is officially over for the year. Or so I thought. A friend of mine believes that I should train one of my dogs to be a truffle hunter.

White and black truffles to use in dog training.I am skeptical, but I now have some white and black truffles for the dog to sniff and find. I am keeping them in the fridge for now and give them fresh paper towels each day to stay fresh. I  have noticed a wonderful sweet smell that the truffles give off when they are ripe. This is the smell that the dogs find under the carpet of needles below fir canopies.

I may have to have help on training me to attempt training a dog. I’m not sure I have the patience for this.



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