Precarious Vantage Point

Black cat climbing above Angus heifer.Frick, the most curious of all the barn cats has a thing for heights.

He is always climbing the hay stack, the main building beams, the metal gates and stanchions. He likes to be above anything that is going on.

Today he wanted a good look at this heifer and climbed along the metal head gates before striking off onto the rounded metal gate. Just as Frick got close to the heifer, she lifted her head and tried to give him a good lick with her long tongue. She barely touched his tail, but it sent Frink scurrying across the gate, down to the water stock tank, across the edge and down onto the ground where he could scamper away.

No harm, no foul. Both heifer and Frick went back to their regular duties of watching me fill the stock tanks, but rest assured that Frick will be back at his aerial stunts shortly.

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