The One Ton Sneaker

The first time Topanga and her baby Zion showed up with the main herd on the outside of their nursery field, we had assumed that the baby was laying next to the fence and when she got up found she was on the wrong side (it happens with newborns all the time).

With Topanga being such a good mother, she would have found a way to get over, around or through the fence to get to her baby. We looked for her escape spot but could not locate it and figured the breakout was an anomaly. So we put the pair back into the nursery field and forgot about a closer fence inspection.

Two days later, Topanga and Zion were back with the main herd. This time we took a closer look at the fence by looking at poop. We followed the piles to to an area beneath a large fir at one corner of the field. It was obvious that Topanga had spent a good deal of time here since the ground had many ‘meadow muffins’ scattered around and she had paced the fence so many times that she had worn through the sod to the dirt below.

A wire fence between field and river.The fence was still standing here but we could see Topanga’s big old footie prints on both sides of the fence and the posts were all wobbly along this area. Many of the staples that hook wire to wood were missing so the wires were stretched and drooping. She had found a way to push her way through without destroying the fence.

By driving one steel post into the middle section, re-attaching the wires to the cedar posts and  clipping the wires to the new steel one, the fence is more solid and the pair have not had any more escapes.

Topanga and her baby are very comfortable with all the feed they could possibly want but they seem to be a little lonely all by themselves. We are all looking forward to the next arrival but that may still be several weeks away.


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