No Walking On The Wild Side

A couple of years ago on Christmas Eve just before the evening chores, I slipped on a patch of ice as I stepped off the sidewalk and twisted my ankle and foot.

I knew that once I had my barn boots off, the swelling would keep me from putting them back on again. The chores got done, but it was a painful go. Sure enough, once I got into the house and removed the boots I found that I had black and blue and purple all around my heel, up to my ankle and down to my toes. I had bunged it up good, but since I could still move in every direction felt that nothing had been broken.I iced it every hour and kept it elevated as much as possible for the next couple of days. I noted early on that soaking in an ice bath cannot be done while elevating the hurt appendage and soon switched to bags of frozen peas while resting.

It looked rather silly but I hobbled around with one foot wearing my normal tan Crocs and other foot wearing one of Mike’s blue Crocs around the house. Doing the chores in one boot of mine and one of Mike’s slowed me down but I was still able to get around.

During the downtime while I rested my foot and perused the internet I looked for advice. I was reminded that bottom part of pantyhose could be cut and fitted over boots and shoes to make them non-skid during bad weather also slipping on a few rubber bands around the arch and toe of boots can help.

For those of you who are going to try this I wanted to give a couple of warning hints.

  1. Pantyhose or nylons work in a pinch but they do not last a long time and they will need to be replaced frequently. Like, every time you want to go outside. They are not very durable.
  2. For those typical Oregon scenarios where there is snow and ice below a layer of puddles, the nylons secure themselves to the frozen ice below the water and freeze there. When you take a step they slip right off your boots.
  3. Nylons snag easily and rip just as easy (I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to pick up a soggy wad of hose and stuff in my pocket until I got back to the house to place it in the trash).
  4. You are going to want to use both hose and rubber bands at the same time because the nylons roll down and slide off if not held securely.
  5. It is not a fashionable look for anyone.

When Mike was in the feed store a few weeks ago, he came across a sale on chains for shoes. Ice cleats for shoes.

When asked why he purchased them he stated that he was worried that I might fall again, and also that he was sick and tired of wearing pantyhose all the time.

Well, I’m glad he is looking out for my welfare as well as his sensibilities.


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