On The Eve Of The Sky Show

I enjoy watching celestial events. During  summer nights I can be found in a comfy lawn chair, stargazing as the Leonid meteors scoot through the sky. I have been seen by drivers on the county road as I flop on the lawn to observe cloud formations. I scan the horizon during daybreaks and sunsets, moon rises and moon sets, the first star at dusk and movements of the Big Dipper throughout the year.

Moon rise on the horizon. On the night of the Super, Blue, Blood Moon with total eclipse, the media had everyone alerted to watch the sky.  The Oregon cloud cover doesn’t always allow for clear viewing of celestial events,  so it makes each showing that much more special.

At moon rise, the  ‘super’ part of the show brightened the fields and I could see the critters as they bedded down for the night. Minimal high clouds enhanced the sight along the horizon. I found myself wide awake at 11 pm with the anticipation of the upcoming event and trepidation about sleeping through the sky show with fog forming in the valley and inching its way across the trees.  At nearly 4 am, after catching up on my reading, the eclipse started as the fog thinned and nearly disappeared. I was able to watch as the darkness spread across the face of the moon to totality and remain that way until the moon set on the horizon.

I wasn’t good for much work the next day from all the sky watching the night before, but it was worth every bleary-eyed minute.

According to National Geographic there will be no less than 7  sky events to look for during the month of February. I’m stating this so everyone will know that I may not be good for a lot of daytime activities this month.

One thought on “On The Eve Of The Sky Show

  1. I’m a sky watcher, too. I woke up at 5:15 to see the blood moon after enjoying the full, blue moon at bedtime. Hoping for a break in the clouds, I put on my robe and Birkenstocks and shuffled out to the west facing back yard. All I got was wet feet from the dewy grass – too many clouds.

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