The Magic Number

The mild week of weather has me watching the outside temperature closely. Every time we get above 50 degrees, I move the little tomato seedlings (now an inch tall) from inside the garage to outside in the fresh air. Right now, the move is as simple as setting one tray from inside the window sill to setting it on the picnic bench on the porch to drink in the sun while being protected from swirling breezes or showers.

The cats have been doing their best at looking out for the tray of seedlings and have been known to cuddle up right next to it for nap time.

As soon as the temp drops below the 50 degree mark, the plants come back inside to the relative warmth of the garage. The second set of leaves are just starting to form on the small plants and soon they will be transplanted into the 4 inch pots and larger trays to continue their growing cycle.

As the pots grow so does the amount of work to transfer from inside to outside sometimes a couple of times a day. That is when I break out my flat bed garden cart that has been busy doing winter duty upside down in the barn as a cat-feeding security cage. The cats really are tough enough now to scamper into the haystack should marauders try to get to them as the down the kibble.

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