Pressure Delivers During Snow

After getting moved into the nursery field a week ago, Pressure finally delivered a healthy bull calf.

Angus cow and newborn calf in snow.It was a cold snowy morning and the ground had been stomped clear of snow. The baby wanted to lay down but the spot was wet and muddy. Pressure had her baby all licked off but with the biting wind we decided to move the pair into the barn for a day. The respite from the elements give time for the baby to get dried off  with a relatively warm, clean pen and treat Pressure to a couple of hearty meals without having to worry if the other calves are going to bother her baby.

Welcome to the world, SAF All-Terrain born on  2/22/2018 and weighing in at 85 lbs. Mother and baby doing fine with Pressure calling with gentle moos and All-Terrain responding back loudly even though they are within touching distance.

PS for those of you who are keeping track, Paulette STILL has not calved and does not look any closer than she did a month ago…it makes me uncomfortable watching her waddle to and fro but doesn’t seem to bother her much except for slowing her down a bit.

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