Before I begin this post, a warning is needed.

LOP stands for Land Owner Preference and is the tag that is purchased through the Oregon Fish and Wildlife for harvesting elk that roam on our property. For those who object to harvesting i.e., hunting and shooting wildlife for food, do not continue to the next page.We are meat eaters, and along with our farm raised beef, we consume other wildlife that are a part of our farm. Our LOP elk tag had nearly run out for the season and since the elk have been tormenting the fences and more importantly tormenting me with their big old footy prints on soggy ground, we went about filling our harvest tag. When Mike shot this one, 80 other elk ran through the field and off to quieter forests.

Elk on the front of the loader of the tractor.Field dressing a large animal is something that we are quite used to but since this elk was dropped right in our field, a quick scoop up with forks of the front loader on the tractor brought the whole critter right up near the house.

It was a lot cleaner and faster gutting and skinning session with the use electricity and running water.Skinned and gutted elk.

The animal was cut into four quarters and moved into the cooler. After hanging to cool for two days, the meat was cut up and processed into packages of roasts, steaks and hamburger. Stew meat sized chunks were frozen in 5-9 lb. tubs to be later made into sausage and pepperoni.

2 thoughts on “LOP

    • Although it would be nice to have the herd move elsewhere, we did not want the tough, old, lead cow. That would be too much burger and sausage for what we were needing for the freezer. This was a young (like teenager) female and we were able to get some tender steaks and roasts along with burger and still some for sausage.

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