Barn Spring Cleaning

A beautiful spring day brought temps in the 60’s and the mud had begun to dry. It was a good day to get the show barn cleaned out (it really needed it).

First order of business was to switch the loading forks on the front of the tractor to a bucket for scooping. A black and white dog riding on the back of a tractor.Jackson the dog was happy to ride on the back of the tractor while Mike drove over the bridge to do the swap. (We keep the rotary mower on the back of the tractor for counter-balance weight, the dog thinks of it as his own personal deck).

Once the tractor is configured, the big tractor is attached to the manure spreader (honey wagon) and brought over to the barn for loading. Once the wagon is full, the load will be hauled up the road to the far field where it will be spread in a thin layer across the hayfield as a boost of nitrogen for the grass.

This one barn was an all day job with three full loads on the heifer side of the barn and one load on the cow side. Now the sweet smell of spring is much more pleasant out there.

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