Two Trees To Go

The springtime chore of getting all the fruit trees pruned have narrowed down to two final trees.

Old fruit trees pruned for spring.The old grafted trees were the hardest, they are nearing 100 years old and the grafts are not as strong as they once were.

Some of the extra weight from the sheer volume of the limbs needed to be sawed off in order to keep the trees from breaking after the foliage comes out and the fruit begins to grow.

The newer trees (under 10 years old) are not grafted and are merely kids compared to the oldsters. They are also semi-dwarf varieties and we will not need the 14 foot ladder to reach the top branches even when they are full grown.

Pear tree with 14 foot ladder.The big, old Bartlet Pear is the current tree being pruned. This tree is the most prolific grower of water sprouts, each single one can be up to 6 feet tall and thicker than my thumb at the base.

The buds on the trees are starting to swell and now the race is on to finish the pruning before they get any further along in their springtime growth spurt.

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