Stormy And Sky

My week of being in charge of the farm mostly worked around my play schedule. While Mike was away I happened to have a day that I needed to go into town to take a saw in for repair and got a haircut while I was out and about. I attended a landowner meeting. I spent one day with my Aunt and going to writing class. And even enjoyed an evening with my book reading group.

When Mike is away, I seem to find time to do all the fun things that I usually don’t get around to.

But when it was time for me to head into Portland to pick Mike up at the airport, a heifer began the first stages of labor. I had planned on doing the evening chores early to go get Mike. When I got to the first barn, one heifer did not come in to eat with the rest of the group. I found #47, Stormy, on the far side of the barn with a tip of one hoof of her calf sticking out.Back end of a cow with the first sighting of her calf starting to come out.

Knowing that heifers are notorious for taking their sweet timeĀ  with a first delivery, I enlisted the help of my sister and brother-in-law to collect Mike while I awaited the birth.

While Mike was on the plane, Stormy delivered a healthy heifer calf. Welcome to the farm Sky, born 3/29/2018 and weighing in at 73 lbs.

Newborn black angus calf and mother.I had spread out a bunch of fresh, dry wood chips inside the barn to make a soft clean spot for the new baby, and the chips clung to every wet spot on the newborn (which was everywhere).

The new mother wanted to clean the calf off but she was unsure about the whole procedure. Several times she simply pressed her nose into the baby’s fur and sniffed deeply to get a good whiff of this brand new creature. Mother and baby are doing fine and have been moved with the other two cow/calf pair out in the pasture.


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