Drying Spell

The lime that has been sitting in the barn on pallets for the last two months is now being put to use.

This weather has made us hold off on spreading lime down in the hayfields but it looks like we have finally gotten a drying spell enough to get the mineral put out so it can soak into the soil.

Man loading lime into a fertilizer spreader.We have a small, three-point spreader that sits on the back of the tractor and is run by the power-take-off (PTO) from the motor.

Once the hopper is filled, Mike heads out to the field and opens a small, sliding door that dribbles lime onto a rotating disc that flings the lime in a dust cloud out onto the grass.

Just the top of a tractor can be seen beyond the dip in the field.The tractor is just barely visible beyond the dip in the big field as he goes round and round toward the center with each pass.

The grass has already started to green up. This is the field where we put all the manure from the barns during the winter time. The lime will help correct the Ph in the soil while giving the grass an extra boost of bright green growth.



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