Pearl And Dot

Shortly after completing the temporary fence across the hayfield, we moved the herd of mother cows with calves and the remaining six cows that are still waiting to deliver across the field to the area around the barns/hillside for grazing.

#92 Pearl, went right along with the herd, but throughout the day kept looking across the expanse from where they had come from. By afternoon, her udder had filled and we realized that she must have had her baby before we moved them across the field. If the calf nursed before we moved everyone across, then it could have been sleeping in the heavy brush thickets when the field change happened.

We sorted Pearl out of the herd and she willingly trooped back through the temporary fence path bellowing all the way. It took her several tries of scouting up and down the edge of the field and even a quick walk around the fenced hayfield, but she found her baby. The calf was eager to nurse once it roused itself from the cozy hiding place.

Black Angus cow with newborn calf.After the calf ate, we moved the pair through the temporary fence back through the field. By this time, the herd had moved down along the side hill, way to the back where the spring is located. Pearl wanted to rejoin the herd and kept her baby right by her side the whole time.

We watched them from a distance, Pearl with a little dot trailing alongside, which is where the new calf got her name.

Welcome to the farm, Dot, born 5/7/2018 weighing in at 68 lbs.

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