Call, Choose, Load

This time of year, when a farmer calls and inquires about a bull, things happen quickly. This was exactly the case of a call that came from St. Helens. A farmer was looking for a bull to be put out with his cows. Less than two hours later, he was at the farm eyeing #20 Volcano.

We had not advertised Volcano as available for sale because he was the youngest bull of last years batch and would not be a year old until 6/2/2018. We like to wait until they are a year old before selling the critter for breeding stock, it gives us enough time to see how he develops both in stature and in all things male.

The age did not worry the farmer since his plans were to pasture Volcano for several weeks with a steer before putting him in with his cows.

Less than 24 hours from the initial call, Volcano was loaded into the stock trailer and on his way to his new farm and new friends. We have one less bull in the bullpen.


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