A Stump In The Road

A bulldozer pushing out a stump in the woods.Now that the initial road has been etched through the woods, the tasks of widening and smoothing out the steep and narrow passages is in full swing.

This stump did not look like much but it was inhibiting the road width. The road cannot be extended out on the opposite side because of a steep drop off, this stump had to go. The pathway has to be a minimum of 12 feet across and preferably 14 feet in order to be wide enough for logging equipment.

Mike started on the top side of the stump and cleared  away about a truckload of dirt, then he moved to the lower side and cleared out that much dirt again before attempting to push the stump out of the spot.

Bulldozer digging dirt away from stump.Mike had to sit cross-way in the road in order to dig out the dirt above and below the stump before being able to wiggle the taproots of the old tree.

More than an hour of powerful digging finally resulted in the stumps removal and the large lump was moved to the edge of the road to stabilize the steep bank.

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