Pegleg Update

It appears that Pegleg does have at least 5 kittens. Two black, one white, one orange striped and one gray striped. They have all now been moved out of the bull pen in into the woodstack by the wood shed that gives access to the innermost and undermost reaches of the shop. But I cannot get a picture of the group…they are so busy running, tumbling, climbing and other mischief so that I have not been able to get all 5 together at any one time.

They all seem happy, healthy and hungry all the time. Pegleg, one of our best mousers, has been bringing them fresh game every day along with the kitten kibble I have been supplying. I have seen birds, a couple of lizards, a snake, at least 3 shrews and just yesterday, a full sized mole.

With the exception of the mole, the kittens had devoured the courses as fast as Pegleg has been able to supply the growing group. Neither dogs nor cats will eat mole, they must taste horrible. Pegleg has been using the mole as one would use a bearskin rug and lounges on the soft fur where she placed it beneath the pear tree.

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