Strawberries In Full Swing

A bowlfull of strawberries.The strawberries are in mid-season and we have been trying to keep up on picking them before the birds get to them.

Between fresh eating and sharing with friends and family I have been starting to freeze small batches of the extras.

I do not like to add sugar to the deliciously sweet berries that I freeze, but there are a few tricks that I use on a regular basis.

After stemming and washing the fruit, I let them dry off in a large colander for a bit before sprinkling them with a  little pectin. Then, spreading them in a single layer on a cookie sheet to freeze solid. In a couple hours, the frozen berries will pop off the cookie sheet easily and can be packaged into ziploc bags. The frozen berries will not clump together and the resealable bag makes it easy to take just the serving size wanted while preserving the remainder in a frozen state.

The pectin seems to protect the flavor and the texture of the berries. I’m not sure why this works but I tried it last year and had rave reviews.

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