Doing Double Duty

Before I start todays post, I need to clarify the name of our mother cat, Pegleg. Someone had commented on the name and was worried that she was disabled or stiff legged. Neither one is correct, Pegleg was so named because she is a dark calico cat with one leg from the knee down being a light orange color which looked very much like a fake leg when she walked. Now onto the story…

Since delivering her five kittens, Pegleg has been very busy.

Mother cat eating dinner with a kitten nursing.Just trying to get a bite of food, Pegleg multi-tasks.

The striped kitten decided it was time to nurse while one of the little black kittens is inside the pan eating kibble. It is a struggle to accomplish everything at once, but Pegleg eats around the little puffball sitting on her food while tip-toeing for the one that wants to nurse.

Pegleg is very nurturing and has no problem keeping her kittens happy and healthy while she tries to get a nibble here and there.


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