First Load Out Of The Woods

A loaded log truck emerging from the woods. My job is to make sure the gate is open so the log truck will have clear passage onto the county road.

From my vantage point, I can see across the river as the first load emerged from the woods after coming down the newly installed logging road.

The truck stops on level ground to check that the load has not shifted and that the chain binders ( cables that surround the load and hold it firm to the truck) have not loosened.

Once the truck fords the river and makes it to the logging gate, flaggers are positioned both directions on the county road so the truck has full access to both lanes while making a sweeping turn onto the road.

Loaded log truck emerging onto county road.The first loaded log truck from our clean-up operation is now on the road to the mill in Clatskanie.

This load is the smaller sized timber that was damaged during the storms and would never grow to make good lumber. There were more than 30 pieces on this one truckload.

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