Loaded Yellow Transparent Apples

A tree loaded with green apples.The first of the season apples are ripening quickly. These are called Yellow Transparent and are a very fragile apple.

They have very thin skins, and can bruise with a light touch. They are an excellent fresh eating apple and taste best before the light green skins begin to yellow. They are also a good preserving apple. I like to dehydrate Yellow Transparent slices for my dried fruit mix. No sweetening needed. The biggest downfall of these beauties are that they do not keep well. Once picked off the tree they begin to lose their crispness.

Every morning, I collect apples that fell during the night. These are chopped and added to the mealtimes for the cows and calves in the showbarn. The three cows, three calves and one heifer enjoy the fruit. The calves will hold off eating until they have at least three apples chopped up and placed in front of them. It’s a battle of the wills, they remain steadfast until I comply with their wants. They usually win…

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