Tractor Solution

It has been a long process since the small tractor broke down during hay season, we looked at many options. It came down to looking forward to the needs of the farm and the amount of time and effort we wanted to put in to fix the broken equipment.

The tractor in need of repair worked well for us when we purchased it even though it was a little small for some of the things we wanted to do. We found that we were lacking when it came to horsepower when running equipment or cleaning the barns.

Rather than fixing the tractor, we decided it was time to upgrade and ramp up the amount of power. This decision also took away the problem of getting around to having the time to repair it.

Tractor on a flatbed truck.Our new tractor was delivered as the old one was hauled off to be repaired and sold.

When asked about what the new one looks like, I just stated “Looks just like the old one but without the dried cow poop.”

With the extra horsepower, this tractor should be able to perform well with more of the hay equipment and be able to handle larger loads when cleaning the barn or unloading feed.

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