A Foul Line

The road crew works hard to maintain the county road, and it cannot be stated that they do not know how to have a good laugh. This one came along just because the outside white stripe needed to be repainted.

The culvert that runs from the swamp to the other side of the road was keeping a secret. We could smell it now for a good week, something was dead. During the night, there was a raid and some varmint retrieved  the carcass of a rotting raccoon. The corpse was pulled from the culvert and up onto the edge of the road.

It so happened that just a few hours after the raid the road crew came by to put a fresh stripe of white paint along the side of the road.A break in the fresh white strip along the road.

Yep, they sure did, they left a blank patch of about 10 feet thereby avoiding the offensive, rotting body. We came along later and removed the stinky corpse.

Now I am just not sure if I should call it a foul line for a raccoon or a foul raccoon line…


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