Tearing Apart A Fence

A broken down fence in the barnyard.The fence outside the show barn has been in need of repair or replacement for quite a while now. It has been fixed over and over, cobbled together in spurts of desperation when a critter escapes or folds a t-post in half from scratching their neck.

It was time to do a complete tear out and re-do. There was barb wire, woven wire, baling wire, twine, staples, clips, metal t-posts and four gates that were stolen from other fences on the farm that were able to function without a gate for awhile.

Digging out the wires of a fence.Most of the bottom wires were buried in 50 years of manure. There was  much shoveling involved. After the shovel the ground was sifted for bits of broken wire pieces and a strong magnet was used to find ones that hid in the soil.

This area will be smoothed with the tractor and rebuilt, but it may be a couple of months before we get to that stage.

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