Blade Work

Scarafy blade on dozer.The teeth have now been added to the blade of the dozer to assist with the cleanup (scarifying)  of the debris left from the logging job.

The blade is made out of heavy metal just like the blade and can rake across the ground as the limbs are scraped into piles.

The limbs have dried considerably since the processor worked in the woods and are dry and would be hot burning fuel if a fire were to come through the area. By cleaning up the limbs and scarifying the surface with the blade, we are creating natural firebreaks and cleaning up the area to be replanted.

Cleaned up clearing.

All the stumps will be left to decompose naturally since we did not find any root rot or any other diseases that can spread to other trees.

We are nearly done with this small clearing with only a few more wood logs left after scarifying and debris moved away. The logs will be hauled down the hill to the landing where they will be made into firewood.


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