The plums have gotten to the point where they are still crisp with just a hint of tangy-ness to them. Just right in my book.

Plums on the tree.Some have also started falling off the tree, so the job of ‘hoover-ing’ up the fallen fruit is given to the dogs just until the cows are moved from the far field. Normally, the cows would make the fruit circuit to the apple, plum and pear trees that are growing in the pastures near the river. But with the herd a couple of fields away, the dogs are more than happy to take up the slack by cleaning up under the trees at every opportunity.

It is a good thing that our critters enjoy the fruit as well as they do because the downed fruit attracts bees with the sticky juice. This is one of those years where the bees are everywhere and stings are a constant concern.

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