Nose Clips Removed

Newly weaned bulls in barn.The three bulls that had the green weaner clips installed have now been moved away from the main herd and are spending quality time in the show barn.

I have removed the plastic nose clips and the bulls are enjoying the TLC of close quarters in the barn and lots of food including sliced pears and apples with each meal.

One of the mothers did complain the first day when we moved these guys away, but it was uneventful and short-lived.The bulls did not get upset during the weaning process and did not bellow for their mothers. They do however keep a close eye on me to make sure I give them their allotment of fruit with all the hay and grain they want.

The 3 bulls will remain in this barn pen until Sunday, when we will move them to the actual bull pen. The bull pen has its own barn where they can freely move in to eat, or go outside to hang out under large trees, or nibble grass around the large pasture.


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