A Busy Log Landing

Log pile on the left, split firewood on the right and felled tree in background.On this foggy morning, the log landing is a hub of activity.

At the left of the picture you can see a smidgen of the decked logs that are destined to be cut into 16 inch pieces. On the front right you can see a pile of completed firewood pieces that are destined to be stacked into a crib later on in the day. And in the background you can see the tree ‘Old Three Top’ with only about half of its oversized limbs removed with many more still to go before the logs can go into the shipping deck. In the middle of the picture, the falling saw sits atop the stump from ‘Old Three Top.’


2 thoughts on “A Busy Log Landing

    • That comment hit my funny bone, I almost didn’t use that picture in the post because it looked more like a big mess than a good working site. I definitely would not classify myself as ‘tidy’. The stacks of firewood were packed that way so the main herd of cows would not try to walk over them as they meander through my workspace before I had the chance to move the wood into the cribs (it also made for less reaching while stacking the cribs).

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