Moving, Weaning, Moving Again

It has been a busy week for the three cow/calf pairs were moved home from the loaner farm. Busy for the pairs, that is.

The six critters were moved into the side of the show barn with the outside pen and the three calves were fitted with the green weaning clips. The calves are 900 lbs now and one was almost weaned naturally at this point.

It was the mothers of the group that had the most trouble with realizing that their babies were not going to be nursing anymore. Topanga, the most senior and most vocal of the bunch would rattle the metal roof of the barn when she bellowed. In the 6 months that the bunch had been gone from the farm, I had forgotten just how loud and bossy she really can be.

Three large black angus calves in barn.The mothers have now been separated from the calves and moved across the river to the main herd so they can spend quality time with the herd sire.

These three calves are very comfy in the barn with outside pen. They get all the hay they want, along with chopped up apples and a generous supply of grass screening pellets.

The calves will be moved in a few days to join the cows on the other side of this barn and will continue to be spoiled rotten along with the show cows.

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