Getting Back To It

More than two months ago, while the summer was still hot, I had been working on tearing out an old fence that ran between the show barn and the road. It had been in need of repair for many years, and had been completely ineffective for the last year.

The old fence had been a mish-mash of barb wire, woven wire, cedar posts, treated posts, T-posts, sections of tube fences along with lots of baling wire and twine. Years and years of temporary fixes left it a mess and no longer viable as critter containment.  What remains after all the cleanup were several treated posts and T-posts that were to be pulled out with a chain and the front loader tractor.

Man nailing boards onto fence.We are finally beginning the rebuilding process and have started with the corner post near the county road.

This fence is more substantial than the usual post and wire fences because when the herd sire is on this side of the river there are a lot of distractions if he gets down into the woods while the neighbor bulls are on the other side.

The new fence boasts recycled materials. Some of the treated posts will be re-set into this new fence (a foot or two off the original line), two heavy duty gate ends were cut from an old power pole, and the rest will be cedar posts that have done fence duty before and were salvaged for this fence. The boards themselves came from the old farm house that was torn down ten years ago and stored under the eaves of the shop until we needed them for a project.


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