Curious Observers

The three cows and three heifers that are currently residing in the far side of the barn with access down into the woods came over to see what the fence building hoopla was all about.

Cows standing by posts as new fence is being constructed.They would come up and sniff the dirt that was augured out around the new post holes. They would test the flavor of the new tractor from stem to stern. And they would harass the dogs that were obediently defending the Gator along with the bed full of tools. The noise of the generator, or the pounding of nails didn’t deter them from checking out the whole project.

Once they tired of bothering us, they headed down to the woods until it became their dinner time.

PS Just in case some of you wisenheimers want to mention that the fence post by the cow is very crooked, I wanted to state for the record that this was one of the old posts from the fence that was removed. The crooked post will be pulled and re-set, hopefully the end result will be much straighter than in this current state.

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