Killing Frost

It has been nearly a month since the last frost, highly unusual for us. But this week has had the thermometer dipping down to 26 degrees at night. The killing frost did in my tomato plants that valiantly produced well into October. It leveled the Swiss Chard and melted the squash plants.

Tomatoes after a killing frost.The garden looks sad right now. All the above ground vegetables need to be pulled up and the entire area cleaned for winter.

Still producing are the red cabbages, beets, carrots  and potatoes.

The frost dries out the husks on the filberts which makes what nuts are left on the tree fall. I pick up handfuls several times a day to discourage pilfering squirrels and Stellar’s Jay birds from raiding the bounty. This has been a very good year for filberts and have been busy drying and shelling them for storage in the freezer.

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