Tipsy Bovines

The apple trees were loaded this year and it was causing a problem with the overabundance. My brother had a couple of trees that needed all the fallen fruit removed from beneath the tree so he could mow his lawn. We filled a pickup bed with fruit and still had not completely cleaned up under one of the trees.

The fruit is in various stages of decomposition and many of the apples would melt between fingers as we grabbed them off the ground. We filled tubs (empty 200 lb. mineral tubs) and 5 gallon buckets to transport the apples home then fed a tub at a time during hay feeding to the main herd across the river.

Once the cows got the taste of the apples they would mob the tractor and we would be unable to spread the fruit out so that everyone could eat their fill. Mike raised me above them on the platform of the front loader tractor and I tipped the tub a little at a time to do the scattering as he drove backward through the field. This seemed to work a little better, but some of the cows would jump, skip and frolic around the tractor trying to figure out how to get more than the other cows, so Mike would have to watch me and the back end of the tractor at the same time.

Apples scattered in hayfield for feeding.The fruit was decomposing into fragrant wine and I was pouring liquid out of the tubs just as much as fruit.

The cows go goofy over the fermenting fruit and they slick up every bit and still come running after the tractor as we try to leave the field.

I do believe some of them are a little tipsy during the process. While the sugar and vitamins are an added boost to the herd, we now have a field full of 4-legged winos.

4 thoughts on “Tipsy Bovines

  1. I love it! A new name for “Angry Orchard” hard cider could be “Tipsy Bovine.” Happy tipsy bovines are certainly better than the drunk yellow jackets that would zero in on innocent children at Buxton School from the adjacent apple orchard when I worked there years ago.

    • I’ll admit that I contribute to the delinquency of my cattle, but they don’t seem to be complaining and law enforcement won’t go near them when they are frolicking (stumbling) around the pasture.

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