A Good Turn Of Events

It was originally planned to take the three recently weaned heifers to the auction, but a local farmer just happened to have been looking to purchase three heifers. So we held them an extra week while he got his place ready for them.

When he arrived with his stock trailer, his wife and kids were with him. After loading we talked about critters in general and found out that the wife works for the Banks Veterinary.

Two very small kittens.We told her about the two orphaned kittens, Black and Blu.

She said she could take them since she and the kids could make them a ‘laundry room project’ and be able to take them to work with her for the daytime feedings and such.

It is very fortunate for the kittens after having had such a rough start. Now not only do they have a home that is already equipped with real bottles made to feed the tiniest of cats, but children who love to hold their hands still and let the kittens rest their chins while falling asleep, they also have quick access to a vet when the need arises.

It’s lucky that we have known this farmer since he was a youngster showing 4-H animals at the fair, it’s even luckier that his wife and kids have a soft spot for very small babies. We know that Black and Blu are now in the best environment possible.

3 thoughts on “A Good Turn Of Events

  1. What a good solution – and the timing was perfect. Not all heifers come with the bonus of three kittens. Last week we were at Banks Vet and they had a cat sleeping on the reception desk and a dog belonging to an employee napping in the back. Good people there; your kittens will be well cared for.

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