Shuffling Cribs

As we empty the cribs of dry firewood during the bundling process, we are gearing up to refill them with split wood that still needs time to cure and dry.

There is room for two rows of cribs along with storing the bulldozer for winter now that we have fed up the fall portion of the hay we put in during the summer

One row is designated for completely cured wood ready for bundling and the other is for the freshly split wood. There always seems to be competition for storage space no matter how big or how many barns we have and that was the case even before we started filling the gaps with firewood!

The front loader tractor with pallet forks makes for easy shuffling of empty cribs to convenient staging areas so the re-loaded cribs that can be placed in rows for drying. Right now we have four empty cribs so this week will be spent cutting 16 inch pieces off the logs in the landing, splitting them and stacking the four cribs so they can dry. It is going to be a busy week.




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