That’s Not A Private Pasture

We used to have a good share of fence jumpers, pacers, cranky cows and everyday bedlam. Over the years we have weeded out those traits to some degree and the calmer, less volatile and not-so- headstrong critters have made the farm an easier and safer place to be for people and for cows.

Young bull calf inside fenced pasture.Bull calf #33 did not get the memo. #33 is nearing weaning age and has decided that this one fenced barnyard is HIS pasture. He has taken to simply pushing through the two-wire electric fence to go in and eat his fill of the grass that nobody else can get to.

The rest of the herd respects this fence. This guy does not seem bothered to get a jolt as he steps over the bottom barb wire and wiggles under the top white wire tape. He does give a little jump (this fence is run by small solar power unit and not high voltage) when he gets the current, but still every day, he is exactly where he is not supposed to be. He has snapped off insulators, and broken wires during his break-ins and break-outs.

His days of freedom are numbered. We will be weaning him this week and then he will be moved across the river to do time with the big guys (those calves that were weaned last month). When in the bull pen, it won’t take long realize the fence is more stout with a considerable kick it he messes with it. We are hoping the new memo is heeded.

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